Adani Agitation

Bandu Dhotre, president of Eco-Pro, began his fast unto death agitation(satyagraha)on 20th July 2009 in front of the district collectorate here to oppose the proposed coal mine by Adani Power Limited (APL) in Lohara jungles near the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR). This was the second time Dhotre has launched a satyagraha to oppose the proposed mine which would threaten the existence of tigers and wildlife habitat in and around TATR.

Several conservationists joined in Dhotre’s protest, raising anti Adani slogans and demanding stop to all mining avtivities by Adani or any other concern in the vicinity of TATR.

Bandu Dhotre’s satyagraha had gained momentum with support from social workers, environmentalists and even politicians. Magsassay Award winner Rajendra Singh had arrived to support Dhotre in his fast. Local MP Hansraj Ahir also visited the agitation site to support Dhotre. Union minister of State for finance Shantaram Potdukhe had declared his support. Various organizations, including local units of IMA, Rotary and Rotract Club, Prahar, Green Planet Society, Vrukshai Srushti, Gondwana Vidyarthi Sanghatana and others had declared support for Dhotre. People for Animal, the organization led by MP Maneka Gandhi had objected to the mining activity in the core jungle area near TATR.


The company was seeking permission to start the coal mine at Lohara, adjacent to the tiger reserve which is a habitat of large number of wild animals including tigers. Besides, the area where the mine is to come is a dense forest area. Over 13.50 lakh trees in 1,750 hectares will be chopped due to this project. It also comes under compartment numbers 389 and 390 in buffer zone.

The agitation was called off after 14 day long hunger strike. Union minister of state for environment and forest, Jairam Ramesh had said that no mining activity would be allowed near Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR). The assurance was given to Maharashtra forest department officials.