About Us

The Eco-Pro organasation is a group of youths who are always ready for environmental conservation. Which are constantly trying to safeguard forest-wildlife. There is a continuous effort to create public awareness by creating consciousness in the public for creating hazard on the industries responsible for increasing pollution. It is also the first step towards generating awareness of civilian duties towards environmental protection.

How Eco-Pro started?

The organization was established with a comprehensive approach to environmental protection. But, first of all, the Serpent Protection and Prabodhan work started and a large number of Sarpamitra (Workers) were formed. Spirals have started functioning to create conscious awareness for the protection of wildlife mainly for tiger and leopard.

Environment and social mobilization are being introduced to ensure that environment protection is a deterrent for the citizens. In this, social issues started to tackle social issues, which resulted in large numbers of public response. This also raised awareness about environment.

 Now, what are we doing?

The organization’s work on social security along with environmental protection is underway. The work of the organization is also on the social issues of the district, which are the main activities of environment-pollution, forest-wildlife. Citizens also get consistent complaints from civilians due to the establishment of trust for the institution, and it can be said that the organization’s work is widespread. Citizens look forward to the Eco-Pro organisation to tackle the problems and issues of civilians.