Future Plans

1. To create ‘Pollution-Free Chandrapur’.
2. Trying to get the name of Chandrapur district as a ‘Tiger District’.

3. To prepare a force as the ‘Wildlife Protection Force’ in the villages of Chandrapur district to protect tigers as well as other wild animals.
4. To create a youth line at all local level to make Chandrapur district trouble free.
5. To bring about change in the environment and social sector in Chandrapur district.

The mission of Eco-Pro is to bring world-wide revolution in the field of environmental protection in Chandrapur district.
1. Protect wildlife and biodiversity in the district.
2. To aware all about environmental protection.
3. To constraint on polluting industries for pollution control .
4. To Organize citizens to solve environmental and social problems.

There will be continuous effort to bring the world’s attention to the work of eco-pro Chandrapur district for environmental degradation at the global level, decreasing number of wildlife, civic environment.